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Posted by Markoman at Nov 1, 2004 1:25:24 AM
Re: Alchemy Gallery
kaykordeath wrote: 
the Ys

If the Y peices are these:


Then I'll have to disagree. For making an initial path, these are wonderful because with these, you can connect one path to any other path attached to that hexagon. You can make every angle with this path! If you need to go back and modify a path, these are the first peices I look for, since they are usually flexible enough for me to remake a path for more crossovers. Also, these peices are great up near the top, perfect for making streamlined secondary paths. I like a lot of options, and this peice delivers in spades.

I agree with the other peices though, those are awful.

The elbow is fun, but it is lacking. I like the 14/23 peice a lot better.

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