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Posted by Rastigi at Oct 31, 2004 11:52:08 PM
Re: Alchemy Gallery
Shuranthae wrote: 
If you have extra moves when you're done, use them to get rid of bad pieces or save good ones. For example, in the second picture you could have used up the curve inbetween the Blue Bulbs, or used the elbow piece on the far right as well as the tri-piece below it (I hate tri-pieces!). You could have also saved a couple of cross-over pieces by reworking the area directly below the Red Bulbs.

I completely hate the pieces that come out on all 6 sides. Sometimes there's no way to avoid hooking into them with another chain. Also the elbows, generally.
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Cleaver wrote: 
Anything else? Please don't say, 'Make everything FREEEEEE!!1!!'

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