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Posted by aemasu at Oct 31, 2004 3:15:09 PM
Re: Horror of Midnight
Come the time of All Hallow's Eve, a time when the dead walk, a time where the restless spirits wander. Perhaps, the spirit be one that has a job to do. A job so large, the spirit cannot leave without its completion. Or perhaps, a job so evil and malicious its very thought poisons the soul and dooms the essence to eternal limbo, never to know true rest.
Hemline first appeared twenty moons ago, with a story to tell, but without the memory to do so. A few brave souls, myself being one, helped him gather his thoughts, strewn across the ocean in the form of ink and paper. When the last piece was found, he bid us adieu and vanished. We had thought ourselves pirates who had done the ocean a service, helping a poor, old, lost soul gather his belongings and preventing the ocean's apocolypse. Little did we know it was more complicated than that.
Two weeks after that fateful night, the real pirate the wandering soul had claimed to be reappeared in Midnight, enraged to find his memoirs, so meticulously hidden, stolen from their places. Infuriated to learn some malignant entity was posing as himself, he sought out the imposter, and ran him through like an honourable pirate, quickly and mercifully. With that accomplished, he sought out to undo the rumours floating about the ocean like jetsam. He put to rest the rumours of impending doom, and felt his work was done.
But tonight, good pirates of the Midnight ocean, manipulating the curse of All Hallow's Eve that befalls the ocean every year and turns good pirates into the undead, the unknown entity that posed as our dear friend Hempline has returned, and has more of his story to tell...

Hemline hisses, "If only you know what you're getting yourself into!"
Hemline says, "If you knew what was to happen, you'd want to open Hell's gate once again, as well!"
Aemasu says, "Having Hell flood into the world can never be the better alternative!"
Hemline says, "Oh it is... if Hell wipes clean the scum of the Diamond, people will concentrate on rebuilding that rotten archipellago..."
Hemline says, "And will NOT populate Sappire."
Aemasu says, "What's wrong with populating Sapphire?"
Hemline says, "UXMAL lay in Sapphire."
Cobrani says, "And how do we know Hell won't go after Jorvik, anyways?"
Hemline hisses, "That's a risk I'm willing to take!"
Cobrani says, "I'm not sure we are though, mate"
Hemline states bitterly, "Very well! Condemn the rest of the ocean!"
Aemasu says, "Why don't ye jest tell us what's up with Uxmal, if ye know so much..."
Cobrani says, "Aye, what's wrong with populating Uxmal?"
Hemline growls
Cobrani says, "Tell us about Uxmal or no opening of Hell-gates for YOU!"
Hemline says, "Do you not find it peculiar that Hempline, my pitiful predecessor, went to Uxmal just a short time ago?"
Cobrani says, "We weren't aware of it"
Aemasu says, "Hempline travels to every isle, to learn all he possibly can"
Cobrani says, "Aye, he's a scholar!"
Hemline spits out Hempline's name. "He wrote a little doodad after he 'killed' me and stated that what was said on the forums were not him."
Cobrani says, "Aye, it was you using his name, was it not?"
Hemline says, "I had to! I had to make people believe that they were in trouble!"
Hemline says, "But nobody would pay attention to a silly GREENIE! NEVER in this bloody ocean!"
Aemasu says, "Ye could have done that without impersonating a fine upstanding pirate like Hempline"
Cobrani says, "But opening the gates of hell WON'T put us in trouble? I didn't think Hell came in "mild" flavor"
Aemasu says, "Had ye used reason n' logic instead of trickery n' deceit, people would still have listened"
Hemline covers his disfiguring "greenie" again
Hemline says, "Hell to pay is still better than what will happen.."
Hemline says, "I..."
Hemline says, "I am an ID."
Cobrani says, "An ID?"
Cobrani says, "Like, Id, ego, superego?"
Hemline says, "I am but a single aspect of the personality of one who is named "Hempline"."
Hemline says, "In the far past, Uxmal was the location of terrible expiriments..."
Cobrani says, "You're the ID then, Hempline is the ego, who is the superego then?"
Hemline says, "...still trapped beneath Uxmal, waiting to get out..."
Hemline says, "And anyone who attempts to delve beneath Uxmal will find a similar fate..."
Aemasu says, "And the colonization of Uxmal will release it?"
Dredmaroon says, "So when the superego gets loose from Uxmal, we'll all be scolded into dust?"
Hemline says, "Imagine... if you will... what will happen to this isle when a bloody blockade is fought over it's shores."
Hemline says, "What will rise from the depths..."
Aemasu says, "A leviathan?"
Cobrani says, "Hempzilla?"
Icaran grins.
Hemline says, "Perhaps... a melding of the two? ;)"
Hemline says, "If all Hell breaks loose, quite literally, everyone's eye will be turned to Diamond... not towards Sapphire... not towards Uxmal..."
Hemline starts to mutter to himself in a dusty voice
Aemasu says, "But as soon as Diamond is settled again, Sapphire will once again be looked upon"
Aemasu says, "Yer solution is temporary, at best"
Hemline says, "I shall burn that bridge when I get to it..."
Cobrani says, "Ye'd have to destroy Uxmal"
Aemasu says, "Even more, the Hellfire may chase people out of Diamond, and into Sapphire, speeding up what ye mean to prevent"
Hemline gives a skelital grin.
Hemline says, "Hempline's a fool, too full of himself to understand what is happening."
Cobrani says, "He doesn't know about his personalities?"
Hemline says, "His mind is still whole, moreso than mine, but what little memory I have I have created from what happened upon Uxmal that fateful night."
Hemline says, "He does not have those memories. I am the only one who does."
Cobrani says, "Hmm"
Hemline says, "He believes that his exploration of Uxmal was uneventful and quite dull, if a little creepy."
Cobrani says, "So what happened at Uxmal that night then? Would the same thing happen to any of us?"
Hemline says, "If you step too close to the wretched hole..."
Hemline says, "Have you not heard the quotation, "All life is a stage"?"
Cobrani says, "And we are all but actors :D"
Hemline says, "This hole is the Charon's Stair of this stage we all call "life"."
Cobrani says, "That don't sound good."
Hemline says, "The Gate of Hell located on Turtle is a portal that beings may enter and exit, but only shades of their former selves."
Hemline says, "The Charon Stair is able to lead there directly... Imagine those implications."
Cobrani says, "So the whole is a gate to the afterlife?"
Icaran says, "Ooh. Sounds very Romanesque."
Hemline says, "Worse; it is a gate to Oblivion itself."
Hemline says, "The lack of anything, the great death, the unbreakable darkness."
Hemline hisses at the newcomer.
Cobrani says, "So, Gates of hell are not as great as Gates to Oblivion"
Cobrani says, "?"
Barrister uses the power of his clothes to blind Hemline
Cobrani laughs
Hemline winces
Icaran says, "I'd imagine so, Rani."
Cobrani says, "Too bad we can't use gates of hell to cancel out gates of oblivion"
Hemline says, "You've seen the dead walk about the ocean, obviously... this effect you see now is a part of a half-opened Gate to Hell."
Cobrani says, "Mmkay"
Hemline waves a boney hand
Hemline says, "Would you rather something like this, or something like this?"
Cobrani says, "Something like this or something like this?"
*Hemline leaves the circle*
Aemasu says, "He's coming back, I assume"
Cobrani waits for the second choice
Icaran says, "Whee, I'm glad I joined in."
*Hemline returns*
Icaran sees no difference.
Icaran doesn't have eyes, however.
Hemline says, "The fact that I was gone, mate."
Cobrani laughs
Icaran says, "Ah."
Cobrani says, "So, no pirates, at all"
Hemline nods slowly
Icaran says, "No skellies, either."
Icaran says, "Nothing."
Hemline nods again
Cobrani says, "Oblivion!"
Icaran says, "Indeed."
Hemline says, "Correct."
Cobrani says, "Well geez."
Aemasu says, "So we either stay as zombies and skeletons, or nothing at all?"
Cobrani cries
Hemline says, "Imagine how those fools of the ancient past must've felt when they realized they broke open the depths of reality itself through their pitiful expiraments"
Cobrani laughs
Hemline says, "There is... one more thing."
Cobrani says, "I will never be cute again!"
Icaran says, "Enlighten us."
Cobrani says, "One more thing?"
Icaran says, "Aww."
Aemasu says, "How do we know yer tellin' the truth this time, mate? We don't exactly have a good record of trust between us all"
Hemline hisses
Hemline says, "You don't. For all you know, this could be a hoax to open the Gates of Hell."
Cobrani says, "Aye, how do we know you won't just go opening the gates of hell for your own amusement?"
Cobrani says, "Lovely, lovely."
Hemline gives a dark grin once again
Cobrani says, "And where's the proof of this "Hempzilla"?"
Aemasu says, "A straight answer, at least"
Cobrani says, "If you can prove to us that Uxmal IS evil, then perhaps we'll trust ye"
Hemline says, "Were not the Stones reason enough?"
Icaran says, "Aye, but wouldn't that mean a trip to Uxmal is in order?"
Icaran says, "Stones?"
Aemasu says, "The stones show a relation, but not what the relation was"
Hemline says, "NO! do not travel there!"
Cobrani says, "I bet Hempzilla would be really cute actually. 50 ft. pirate who flirts with the ladies and gets embarrassed easily. How adorable!"
Aemasu says, "Uxmal could actually be a great meeting place, for peace"
Icaran says, "Whoa now."
Hemline hisses
Icaran says, "And why shouldn't we visit Uxmal?"
Hemline says, "The fact of what lay there..."
Aemasu could whisk to Uxmal at this moment..
Icaran says, "A field trip would not be a good idea?"
Hemline says, "Do not! I warn ye!"
Cobrani says, "Or what?"
Icaran grasps his whisking potion.
Hemline says, "Or ye'll find..."
Hemline hisses
Icaran says, "Find what?"
Hemline says, "Nothing. Not a single thing wrong."
Cobrani says, "We'll be attacked by Hempzilla and his cuteness? I can handle that ^_^"
Icaran raises th'potion to his mouth slowly.
Hemline says, "'tis the isle that looks peaceful but has a strange edge to it."
Aemasu draws his sword. "What trickery is this?!"
Hemline says, "But otherwise, on the surface, nothing is wrong with it."
Cobrani says, "Is it a different shade too?"
Hemline shakes his head. "I know not."
Icaran says, "Ah, shall we go see?"
Icaran grins.
Aemasu says, "Would ye want us to find out? I have whisking potion ready and willing"
Hemline says, "Had ye not been on my tail, I would've opened the box that held the gate more fully..."
Hemline says, "Turtle would've been enveloped in the same red glow as before"
Cobrani says, "Its green now"
Hemline says, "but it would've been SAFE from oblivion. the only thing that can battle oblivion is something that works in negative power itself"
Hemline says, "I was only able to crack it open a smidge."
Aemasu says, "Why are ye wanting yer space so badly? Methinks yer still hiding something..."
Cobrani says, "So, we need something that will battle oblivion (Uxmal) and you're thinking Gates of Hell (on Jorvik)?"
Hemline says, "On Turtle, lass."
Icaran says, "Aye, so what importance did Colin serve?"
Hemline growls at Aemasu
Cobrani says, "You said Cleaver moved it! And thats what you came to Jorvik!"
Aemasu glares back at Hemline
Hemline says, "He agreed to protect me when I told me short tale."
Icaran says, "Aye, so why were ye here on Jorvik in th'first place?"
Hemline says, "Nay, Cleaver hid it in the palace upon Turtle"
Icaran says, "Is your business not at Turtle?"
Hemline glares at Cobrani
Hemline says, "She started houndin me."
Cobrani says, "I was just there, at the palace room"
Cobrani says, "Darn right I did."
Hemline says, "And Hempline was getting suspicious before."
Hemline throws up his boney hand dismissively
Icaran giggles.
Hemline says, "Ye've all foiled my plans"
Hemline says, "I've tried my best"
Aemasu says, "Come up with a new plan, one that doesn't destroy a large portion of the ocean, and we'll help ye, mate"
Hemline says, "If I may just ask you one boon, then."
Hemline says, "All of you tell the tale of what has happened here, upon this beach."
Hemline says, "At least, if ye do not believe me, tell the tale and let the populous decide."
Icaran says, "But what will happen now?"
Hemline hangs tiredly
Hemline says, "All Hallows Eve is nearly through."
Aemasu says, "When is this apocolypse supposed to be happening?"
Hemline says, "I cannot open the Gate of Hell until next year. This is the time of year that any can do so."
Hemline says, "And I care not if it is but a silly letter to the ocean, so long as you tell."
Hemline says, "I dare not say when aloud, for fear of saying it will make it come to pass."
Hemline says, "There may still be time left..."
Hemline says, "But not for me. I last only as long as this brittle boney body shall last."
Pokey says, "!"
Hemline says, "Hempline killed me, tis true. This is the only chance I had to return."
Hemline says, "I know not what waits beneath Uxmal, what is gaining strength right now in fact."
Hemline says, "Once this body turns to dust, as it will within a few hours time, my thinking is his passion for life and love will die with me."
Hemline shakes his head very gently. "My last wish is for you mates to tell my story... let people know yes, I was alive. And they're in danger. My time is nearly through."
Hemline then softly turns away and looks out at the sea.

We have done as he has requested. Now, we bequeath you, citizens of this ocean, to read the story of this soul, and the ones that came afore it. Judge for yourselves the strength of his story, his truthfulness, and possibly, the fate of the Midnight ocean!
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