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Posted by 1Famine at Oct 31, 2004 2:01:08 AM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
Expediency is preferred because it's a game, and the vast majority of people Robertdonald is blockading have "boycotted" him in a sense. There's no point in talking when the time for words has passed or one of two parties doesn't trust the other as an honest broker of negotiations.

Would you tell Charlie Brown to kick the football Lucy is holding up? Of course not. Although Lucy's action is in the future, it would be silly to regard it as uncertain. Between the two options of letting Charlie Brown kick the football or to pull the ball away, we know her preference is for the latter.

Does that not follow that evil is a slippery slope? And good, an ascending pinnacle?

Yes, it would follow, except my simple model is not ment to ascribe good and evil to any particular action but to assert that those actions have roots in the past.

In so far as asking whether future benefits help you in the future, the answer, I think, is irrelevant. Firstly, this is a game, the purpose of which is to have fun, and decisions about what kind of expediency is acceptable are based on that for everyone. I did not say that Robertdonald was taking the most expedient action; in fact, he is not. The most expedient action would obviously be to concede to the demands of others and quit the game.

The action most beneficial over the long run would of course be to play the game, to provide jobbers between six rounds spread over however many blockades essentially the cash for a first ship, and to continue dropping warchests on the individuals who seem so intent in egging him on to do so. It's really no different from calling someones bluff in poker, and in so far as Cnossos goes, it's not as if Black Sails has people to inconvenience. It's just all of these other people show up, presumably to have a good time.
Famine, of the Mercenary Squadron

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