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Posted by 1Famine at Oct 30, 2004 6:28:29 PM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
54x wrote: 
RobertDonald wrote: 
Wow, you really, really want another warchest dropped.

Is that really your only way of dealing with people?

Aha, venerable diamondblade.

Let us suppose a dichotomy of good and evil, not to ascribe any traditional or even wholly definitive values to either of the two, or even to say that one is preferable to the other, but merely to ascertain causation, relation, or difference.

Good: Doing to others as you would have done to yourself.

And thereby doing good to others, it is paid forward.

Evil: Doing to others as they have enjoyed doing to you at your expense.

And thereby doing evil to others, it is paid forward.

I'm not saying anything that has been done to or said about Robertdonald has particularly hurt him as a person, however I am saying that within the context of his interactions with a large number of specific people and the level to which he can honestly expect them to interact with him, it's obviously more expedient to just give people the finger.

In otherwords, if you only want to interact with someone in a single way, don't consider their responses as uncertain merely because they are in the future.
Famine, of the Mercenary Squadron

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