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Posted by alexhard1212 at Jan 4, 2010 2:18:03 PM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
I know many disabled pirates and I feel that if we can make their stay easier, lets do everything we can!

i am color blind and dell rig my monitor so i can play for extended periods of time, still i cant play for more than an hour, but i can play and talk to my friends.

my friend is a studyer of the brain and he says that people who are colorblind who play games that move fast(puzzle pirates fits in that catagory) than peoples brain thinks that they are moving, not the screen, so some people might just blank out for a sec and may log off because the grow tired for that reason, the brain thinks that they are moving NOT THE SCREEN!!!!!

also thanks to all my friends that i have that support my husbands rare breast cancer!!!
you can catch me on hunter ocean and on aim island sexymateyhif so come and find me

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