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Posted by Shuranthae at Oct 29, 2004 5:26:13 AM
Re: Alchemy Gallery
Rastigi wrote: 
What order did you set the colors up in, and why?

I did that yesterday, though I can barely remember it now (hehe). Lemme see if I can rework my logic.

It's probable that I either started with the orange or the yellow bottles. I look at all the possible bottle color options I have and pick a bottle with the fewest options to work on first (in this example, it's much easier to route a purple or blue down since there are more of them, and once you've routed a color you have less options so best to start with the hardest/lowest option route first). There's that and I have a tendency to start on either the right or left edges (usually right, no idea why).

Though looking at the picture, I almost want to say I started with the Red because that looks to be the most direct route. I could have gotten lazy seeing as I only needed to fill one more bottle to end the game and that means I have to include Red8 or Purple6.

Anyway, I'm going to wager I either went yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue or that same order but starting with red. To answer an important and yet unasked question, I typically look at the bottom of a board, top, then middle. Then I work on a few pipes on the bottle to set up easy access, set up a few pieces on the top, then tweak the middle a lot. The trick is to be able to setup the cross-over pieces without using a billion moves, and it's something your mind picks up on after playing with it.

Markoman wrote: 
Also very educational, this picture demonstrates how complex this puzzle really is ... because of the opposite color bonus, this is a 3 star fill, despite only being a Toil and Trouble.

I've actually be noticing this too, the distance bonus seems to be rather significant so setting up pieces and colors to go straight down isn't such a good idea as many believe.

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