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Posted by Hempline at Oct 28, 2004 11:43:45 AM
Re: Horror of Midnight
Hrm, high time I update this piece of briggandry right here. It be in a bit o' a different tone, I am quick to tell ye, considerin' the charlatan in the post above is not me. I had the "pleasure" o' meetin a white-faced whisp o' a pirate by the name o' Hemline... and actually did have the pleasure o' runnin him through with me dirk-o-doom.

The reason bein, he attempted to steal my identity as well as my notes on the history o' Midnight. That couldn't stand! An' so, I did him in quickly, for I harbored no ill will to this missguided soul, took my books and notes back and dumped his body in the drink; a true piratical burial. T'was a shame he already had used me name in these forums as well as to me friends, confoundin' everyone with the thought that he truly was I.

While it was true I have been on a few excursions in Uxmal, nothin' o great importance happened there. I wasn't changed and nothin' terrible befell. But imagine me supprize and anger at seein someone claimin' to be me and postin' me very own notes on the forums! I be very dissapointed considerin' the fact that Uxmal be the cause o' Ruby's destruction is one o' me most amazin' find to date, though underdeveloped. I wished to do more studies upon the stones, but it be already published thanks to that briggand upstart.

But allow me to put ye hearts at rest; there be no epidemic o' undead about to wash the ocean, there be no Dev conspiracy to the best o' me knowledge ((I can just see it now: "Cleaver! He puts the piracy in consPIRACY!")), and the sky will not fall. It was the ramblings of a missguided, frantic individual who wanted some attention in the month of October. Thankees greatly, everyone.

-Hempline, Explorer of Midnight and Chairman of PAROT

P.S. As ye can see, I've changed me avatar back to good ol' Hempline, rather than the undead creature that briggand put up first.

P.P.S. Now that I think upon it, howe're, there is a tremendous ammount o' skellies attacking isles, nowadays... in olden times, it was simply four or five on their monstorous isles. Then came the time they traveled on uninhabited isles (as well as Byrne, scarily enough) in a small pack. Now, they travel in raidin' parties o' 40 or 50... somethin' to think about...
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omg welcum bak hmeplien we mist u


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