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Posted by Pythos at Sep 13, 2003 5:40:27 AM
Re: Been waiting four RL days for my sword to be finished, bug?
Actually, Mnemosyme, you are incorrect.

The fluxuation between hours, such as it saying 3 days, then 9 days, then back down, is not a function of inefficent labor.

The estimated wait times are based on the last 24 hours of labor the shop produced. However, when the game reboots, that info is lost, and the estimates are screwed up. So if your sword says that it will takes 30 minutes to finish, then there is a reboot, and after it says it will take 5 hours to finish, it will actually be finished closer to the 30 minutes than the 5 hours.

Also, there is already a way to see the estimated backlog, that is what that time is. Before, you could only see how many hours were left on only YOUR item, and it didn't take backlog into account.

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