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Posted by Xanther4 at Nov 1, 2009 10:21:05 PM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
I don't care if you have a disability, or you are a new player, or whatever. If you are willing to be a good mate, you are welcome on any of my voyages. Even CI.

Nicely said mate!
First off, I'd just like to spread my support for this thread, I know many disabled pirates and I feel that if we can make their stay easier, lets do everything we can!
Second off, I do suffer from a color disability as well. Though this has nothing to do with my eyes.. My computer monitor is pink tinted(don't ask me how.. I don't know). But this often gives me a sense of being "color blind". It also affects my puzzling. If I puzzle for more then half an hour I become extremely puzzle blind and my skill level goes down. Therefore I can relate to people with color issues, and it sucks!
Thanks for posting this thread!
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