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Posted by Emenna at Oct 8, 2009 5:03:38 AM
Re: Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
Ahoy all :) I've decided to look for a new crew as my current crew has been inactive of late.

I'm looking for a medium-to-large-sized crew (maybe 40+ people), preferably with a constant online presence.

I'm FO in my current crew but wouldn't expect to be one in my next crew - I was promoted very fast and don't actually have any experience of leading pillies. However, I've been practicing bnav and have a sloop ordered, so would like a crew that could give me training on this. I don't mind being ranked Pirate at first but would aim for Officer in the long run.

I'd like a crew with a relaxed and fun attitude, who don't mind me being a bit quiet and shy at first. I love jobbing for fun things like flotillas and Atlantis so my ideal crew would like doing that kind of thing too.

No crew colours please, unless they're optional.

I'm in Scotland so am usually active between the hours of 4am and 6pm Pirate Time.

My current piracy stats (subject to change):

SF Apprentice/Able
Bilge Weighty/Distinguished
Sails Paragon/Renowned
Rig Solid/GM (Renowned in ocean)
Dnav Solid/Distinguished
Bnav Narrow/Able
Guns Solid/Able
Carp Expert/Master (Respected in ocean)
Rumble Apprentice/Able
TH Solid/Renowned

Please PM me if you think I'd suit your crew.
Emenna of Meridian

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