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Posted by FyreFaerie at Sep 8, 2009 11:27:33 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Consideration about trophies for collecting:

- at which point would a set be actually owned? Would they all have to be in the user's inventory at once, or would a display case suffice? (In which case you'd have to consider roommates... would the case have to belong to the person getting the trophy to count? (I think because of this point alone, trophies for trinket trading are not feasible.) And what's to stop people from getting all the trinkets they need and trading it from friend to friend to friend?

- One trophy per every type is FAR too many. Perhaps pare it down, so there is one for all CI trinkets, one for atlantean trinkets, one for BK trinkets, and one for ocean trinkets (all corals and shells). This would also make each trophy difficult - but not impossible - to achieve.

- what happens when a new colour comes out, like persimmon for shells and corals? Does the trophy get renegged?
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