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Posted by Stephensam at Sep 3, 2009 7:30:38 PM
Lime Day Event Blockade [September 16th] [Win up to 250,000 PoE!]

Ahoy me lime mates! This coming Lime Day, Garden Cradle will be the site of yet another event blockade!

The way this event is going to work:
-Scheduled for 3:00PM game time on September 16, 2009 there is a 3 round event blockade at Garden Cradle.
-This event is non-sinking and is allowing ships up to War Brig.

- Each flag that wishes to enter needs just show up for the blockade. The results will be shown by the round victories of each flag.
-If you wish to have the prize money to be delivered to someone aside from the monarch of your flag, if you are not the monarch, please sign up in this thread stating your pirate name or the name of the pirate that any prize money should go to. I will verify with the monarch of the flag that the money should go to that pirate.
- Everyone is encouraged to purchase stock at Garden Cradle, which has great prices for Rum and shot, so no need to bring in outside beverage! If you really prefer to bring your own, ye are welcome to do so!

-Results will be determined by how many rounds each flag wins.

* Prizes do not stack. If you win 2 rounds, you only get the 2 rounds won prize, not the 1 round plus 2 rounds.
-1 round won will earn your flag 50,000 Pieces of Eight and a lime painting of one of your ships! (War Brig or smaller).
-If your flag wins 2 rounds, you will recieve 150,000 Pieces of Eight and lime painting of two of your ships! (War Brig or smaller).
-If your flag wins 3 rounds, you will recieve 250,000 pieces of Eight and lime painting of three of your ships! (War Brig or smaller).

I wish you all good luck and have a great Lime Day!

Stevensam -Cobalt Native, founder and host of The PoE is Right. Creator of Lime Day.

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