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Posted by Boddwan at Sep 2, 2009 2:58:09 AM
Re: Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
First let me thank you for the great work you have put into this application. Have been using it for a couple of weeks and are now a happy, and slightly richer, trader :)

And now some feedback.

* Data stored locally
* Easy to use interface
* Great to be able to store my favorite routes

Cons (or maybe bugs)
* Even after the last update I still sometimes have trouble importing market data. It seems like the import function sometimes goes into snailpace as the 'Capture Count' counts up very slowly. I havn't noticed a pattern here so sadly can't give you any more clues. If I close the Marketdata-window in PP and open it up again it usually works to import. As suggested earlier in the thread setting PP-window to the same size as the screen doesn't work for me, I get a error msg then.
* Rambutan doesn't show up as an available commod. Then 'n' is missing in the end.
* Under the 'Commodities Seller' tab and Ship supplies none of the cbs turns up. (Havn't check the 'Commodities Buyer' tab so maybe the same problem there).

* As suggested earlier having a function to choose what kind of ship I am using to move the commods would be great.
* In the Route Summary tab (I think its called, doesn't have the app here at work) it would be nice to have the function to exclude commods. Just as you can do in the Island tab.
* If I want to travel from island A to island D with stops on island B and C for both buying and selling I would like a function to tell if I just want to travel in one direction. If I check the four islands as start and stop today, I have to sail back and forth. Maybe hard to implement but this is just a wishlist ;)

Thank you again and happy trading :D
Boddwan on Cobalt

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