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Posted by rhojan111 at Sep 1, 2009 2:44:49 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
There are so many Trinkets now a days...why not actually have a reason to collect them

how about you get a trophy if you collect all of one kind of Trinket

i.e Youd get a trophy if you got every color of starfish, or corral

I took the time of actually making some trophies about trinkets (only madesome because those are the only ones i know of and some i couldn't think of a name for):

Coral Collector- Collected all colors of spiky and knobbly coral

Starfisher- Collected all starfish

Well protected- Collected all bone knives

Chow down- Colected all Cultist Chow

Spare eyes- Collected all eye of newts

Just Bead It!- Collected all Beaded fetish and Beaded Bracelet

Spell Maker- Collected all Spell scraps
Thelders from the Cobalt ocean!

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