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Posted by Searmin at Aug 28, 2009 12:44:17 PM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
I don't know how strong my deficit is, mainly because I don't know what the pieces look like to people with normal color vision. Anyway, I like to include a demo from this website when I lecture on color vision. It's a nice demonstration of what the world looks like to people with various abnormalities in color vision. You can actually upload images and the Vischeck program will adjust the colors so that it appears to a person with normal color vision roughly how it would appear to someone with one of three specific color vision abnormalities. I figured some people might be interested in playing around with this. :)

I'm an anomalous trichromat (protanomalous if I remember correctly, but not sure), which it doesn't provide an option of simulating, but the protanope form is close enough. The main difference is that both the reds and blues look a little less saturated to me in the altered image than the original, which suggests it's not a perfect match for me, but I really can't easily notice a difference in color between the green and yellow pieces.

What you see and what I see (roughly).

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