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Posted by Searmin at Aug 28, 2009 8:28:33 AM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
Yeah, the point of color changes isn't to make it easier for color deficient/color "blind" people, but to make it so that color deficient people can perform on a level equivalent to people with normal color vision.

I know that, personally, I have a very significant problem differentiating the yellow and the green sf pieces; I only know which is yellow and which is green because I asked someone which was which after reading the four piece colors on YPPedia. I've had a lot of practice at this point, and can kind of differentiate the colors a little, but I still mostly rely on the shapes on the pieces instead. I also have a lot of trouble with mixed colors in alchemy and colors in drinking, but I really don't play either of those much so it's not a huge deal (plus, neither really requires quick responses). If I were to change the colors of the yellow and green pieces in sf, it wouldn't be to make me better than people with normal color vision, it would be so that I could actually see the damn difference there. If someone with normal color vision changed the colors, on the other hand, it would have much less of an effect on their play.

(Incidentally, the only reason I haven't change the colors is because I feel like a color change might cause more of a distraction than anything else)

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