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Posted by rkentmav82 at Aug 28, 2009 4:09:20 AM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
Perhaps disabled people could have a special symbol on their pirate page and their names could show up red or something.

Sorry, no. I don't think this is a particularly good idea. I've worked with the physically disabled for a few years, and for the most part, the last thing any of them want is to be singled out or held apart from the group, for whatever reason.

Yes, I know the arguments for this - people would be more patient, seeing the name or symbol, they would be more willing to give chances re: puzzling stats. I don't buy it. I think if you asked the folks with disabilities who play the game, they'd overwhelmingly say they don't want it.

How do I know this? In part from my work. And in part from the fact this thread was started in partial response to a disabled player trying to do things that would allow them to play the game AS NORMALLY as possible. If they wanted to be singled out, I'm sure we'd have seen it long before now.

Just my two poe, of course.

ETA: Why does it matter whether we find out if someone is truly disabled or not? The color changes being discussed do not affect gameplay - they simply substitute different graphics, to allow those who are color blind to more easily differentiate between pieces. It doesn't change the essence of the game.

As for those who would lie to get jobbed - their perfidy will find them, and karma will likely run them over with a great big sensitivity bus. We, the general populace (and by this, I include everyone who is not an OM), have absolutely no need to know who is disabled and who is not. Should they care to share, fine. If not, fine.
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