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Posted by Cephalopod at Aug 20, 2009 11:08:07 AM
The Department of the Black Spot: Don't cheat

Ahoy mates. I'm here today with an important message from the Department of the Black Spot:

Don't cheat.

Historically, we haven't made much of a public spectacle out of the folks we catch breaking the rules, which has given some people the impression that we aren't doing anything about those abusing the system. I'm here today to help correct that.

Don't cheat.

Don't cheat because you think you'll get away with it.
Don't cheat because you just want to try it once.
Don't cheat because you think everyone else is doing it.
Don't cheat because you think you'll test something and then give it to us.

Cheating, in this context, refers to any software that either manipulates or automates the normal game play of Puzzle Pirates. Or, to quote our Terms of Service 6.13: "[You agree not to do any of the following prohibited actions:] modify any files or use any game hacking/altering/cheating software or tools, including scripting or macroing software, or attempt to disassemble the game client and/or decipher the data transmissions between Yohoho!'s client and server. These activities will result in immediate termination of the Player's Account and may subject you to civil and/or criminal liability."

We have many different ways to detect cheating, and continue to monitor the game and improve them. Don't cheat.

In the weeks to come, we will be providing some statistics to help demonstrate that we are well aware of naughtiness that's occurring and are working to remedy it. To that end, I'm announcing that today we have made strides in the detection of bilge botting, and have just banned 456 accounts for such behavior. This hopefully sends a strong message to convince those that were not caught yet to play by the rules.

If you encounter a player you suspect to be cheating, please do submit a complaint about them, explaining why you believe they are cheating, and we will investigate.

Please be aware that for privacy reasons, we cannot provide feedback about actions taken against specific players, and due to the sometimes fairly complex examinations necessary, any action taken may not be immediate.

But most importantly, let me remind you again: Don't cheat.

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