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Posted by D2Tha at Aug 17, 2009 3:19:59 PM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
bronzebeard wrote: 
And fer Duty Nav, whilst not inconceivable by any means, it'd be nice to get a trophy to say ye'd memmed the whole ocean.

How does that square with the idea that trophies won't be retroactively awarded? It's not exactly a repeatable feat (at least, for the same pirate).

I was just going to suggest this, but there should be a way to check if you have it memmed, no? It says so on your known world so...

In 5 years I haven't even been to every island... I missing like 6 I think- all are probably uninhabitable.

I think there should be trophies for memorizing each archipelago (w/ inter-arch routes as well) and then another for whole ocean.

Maybe they shouldn't have retro-active trophies- but if they do this should be the one.

Or either way... I haven't memmed it all... So. :P

Still a great idea! :)

The whole idea of trophies (besides collecting) is to show them off and this would be nice for people to see I think.-Then they'd say, "Hey, you've memmed so and so? Can ye chart me?" Maybe you think that's a bad thing. lol
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