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Posted by sweetnessc at Aug 15, 2009 3:36:27 AM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
First of all, if there is anyone that has limited or no arms/hands/fingers movement ... please send me a PM. I have several suggestions that will help with using the keyboard to play the puzzles.

I wonder if you would be willing to post your suggestions in this thread, instead of by private message? That way any players who may come along to the game after you've stopped playing will be able to benefit from your knowledge as well.

Now, may I point something out to non-disabled players, OMS, designers and anyone else involved in Puzzle Pirates ... having a disability usually prevents a person from being able to puzzle as well as a non-disabled player. This can create a huge disadvantage when it comes to familiar tournaments, SMH/CI runs, etc. So many players focus on stats. Imagine watching the NB every day hoping someone will take you along on a CI trip but knowing that your disability prevents you from being hired by "stat tarts".

I can't do anything about familiar tournaments - I'm still trying to win one myself ;-) - but I may be able to help with getting jobbed for voyages. What most navs are looking for from the stats of a random jobber is an indication that a jobber will stay on station, and try their best. When I get a polite, properly worded request to include someone in a voyage, I will usually job them - because it shows me that they know enough about the game to be able to figure out who's driving a voyage, and are motivated enough to go the extra mile. I've spoken to many navs who take a similar approach.
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