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Posted by budclare2 at Aug 14, 2009 1:59:42 PM
Re: [Intent] [Sinking] Theatre of War intends to make Fugu a theatre of war!
(Romtu) Shipyards and tailors are about the only thing that you need player-owned islands for, since for everything else a stall is just as good as a shoppe.

You seem to have missed the weavery shoppe somehow...

(Romtu) I would love to see your suggestion for what you think a "good" island is.

I think anything NOT involving a weavery shoppe would be a good place to start. No wait, pretend I said that I'd complain about any choice they made, since that's probably what you believe anyway. Clearly posting once every few months is a sign of chronic tarting.

(Whiterose) Shut up and blockade it then.

Wow, most people wait until there's at least a page or two of tarting. Nice job with the knee-jerk reaction. Is that one of your F-keys?

(Fable) Bottom line is it's their choice.

If they want a tailor shoppe, yes, that's their business. But a weavery shoppe? That's a mockable offense in my book, and I'm not overly concerned about whether or not you agree.

(Fable) So bitch and complain all you'd like.

I did. Three sentences worth. Thanks so much for your permission, though. It means a lot to me.

(Fable) I'm sure when you are involved in colonizing an island people will bitch and complain about yours as well.

Some people bitch and whine because the person next to them is breathing too loudly, so therefore all criticism is wrong? Good thinking.

(Fable) So stfu about it.

no u

(You know, I've never actually had to say that before. You should feel special...but not in a good way.)
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I want a cookie.

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