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Posted by tryn2behave at Aug 14, 2009 11:42:22 AM
Re: Pirates with Disabilities
I wish that I had seen this thread sooner. First of all, if there is anyone that has limited or no arms/hands/fingers movement ... please send me a PM. I have several suggestions that will help with using the keyboard to play the puzzles.

Now, may I point something out to non-disabled players, OMS, designers and anyone else involved in Puzzle Pirates ... having a disability usually prevents a person from being able to puzzle as well as a non-disabled player. This can create a huge disadvantage when it comes to familiar tournaments, SMH/CI runs, etc. So many players focus on stats. Imagine watching the NB every day hoping someone will take you along on a CI trip but knowing that your disability prevents you from being hired by "stat tarts".

Put a long stick in your mouth and try to SF or rumble or even try typing. I hope it will help you to appreciate the courage and determination that disabled people exhibit every day of their lives.
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