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Posted by barrelmonkey at Aug 13, 2009 1:14:51 PM
Re: [Intent] [Sinking] Theatre of War intends to make Fugu a theatre of war!
Oh yay, a giant clothing factory surrounded by water!

Were you trying to prove that it's possible for an island to be even more worthless than Celesta? If so, good work; an island that produces nothing but clothing is definitely more useless than an island that produces nothing but ships.

Not sure what you're expecting out of the island, but you can't put buildings there that produce rainbows and world peace. Shipyards and tailors are about the only thing that you need player-owned islands for, since for everything else a stall is just as good as a shoppe. I would love to see your suggestion for what you think a "good" island is. Also, try buying a WF on Malachite sometime and you'll think an island that produces nothing but ships is a GREAT idea.

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