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Posted by legolas_yeah at Aug 13, 2009 9:15:23 AM
Re: [Intent] [Sinking] Theatre of War intends to make Fugu a theatre of war!
Colonization Plan

A medium can have five buildings in trade or housing roles. In addition to infrastructure buildings, Theatre of War will construct the following:
  • Tailor Bazaar
  • Tailor Shoppe
  • Weavery Bazaar
  • Weavery Shoppe
  • Townhouse

I'm just really curious - is there a reason you're putting the weavery on the one island that is opening that doesn't spawn hemp? I'd have thought with the sugarcane and iron, and proximety to prime foraging grounds, you might have gone a different direction is all.

Primarily to make sure all the tailor stalls on the island has a supply for cloth, even if they choose not to open a weavery stall, also, as soon as nightshade opens, we have a hemp spawn nearby
Legolars on all oceans + Losgar on malachite

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