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Posted by legolas_yeah at Aug 13, 2009 7:22:55 AM
[Intent] [Sinking] Theatre of War intends to make Fugu a theatre of war!
[Intent] [Sinking] Theatre of War intends to make Fugu a theatre of war!

Help Theatre of War take the Jinx off Fugu!

*A sinking blockade at Fugu!
*12PM PDT, Saturday, 15th August
*Theatre of War, attacker
*Pay is 1.5K/segment and up.
*Jobbing contacts are Roseh and Paywar; jobbing will begin One hour before the Blockade.

Colonization Plan

A medium can have five buildings in trade or housing roles. In addition to infrastructure buildings, Theatre of War will construct the following:
  • Tailor Bazaar
  • Tailor Shoppe
  • Weavery Bazaar
  • Weavery Shoppe
  • Townhouse

Naming Theme

The theme for the island will be "love", possibly with a nod to the island's name through seafood or poison. Naming suggestions are welcome before Theatre of War decides.

Tax Plan

Tax will not cost more for any particular stall type or shoppe than at the cheapest Vilya-controlled island. To foster growth on Fugu, the tax rate will be set at 0% for the first four weeks under the aegis of Theatre of War.

Palace Commodities

The palace will be kept properly stocked with dyes and paint as well as ample ship supplies. All will be made available to pirates at decent prices.

Yarr! Let's see how poisonous the Widow Queen is after we take her Fugu away!

Legolars on all oceans + Losgar on malachite

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