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Posted by waterdropp at Aug 6, 2009 6:54:43 AM
Re: Monthly Familiar Puzzle Competitions
Most of these puzzle comps arn't just about the skill level of the players. For example shipwrightery is all about who can get the luckiest spawn. All the GM-ult shipwrighters have about the same chance of winning.

With respect to Shipwrightery, and a few other Puzzles, any GM or Legendary pirate has the capability with more practice on it to become Ult. Technically speaking, anyone who is master+ in SW has access to the same boards as an Ult, at least in my experiences their pieces are the same. Anyways, the whole notion that only the best of the best win the prize is a little droll in my opinion. While certain aspects of becoming ultimate affect your overall ability to puzzle, and thusly make a better overall score in the puzzling session. So, to say a grand master puzzler has an equal chance of winning as an ultimate seems a bit off, for a few reasons.

Anyways, gunning the scoring is askew. Won't go into how its manipulated, but you, as a gunner are probably aware of how it is done. I'd much rather someone of similar skill to win, than someone manipulating the scoring system... just a thought

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