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Posted by Searmin at Aug 5, 2009 4:39:05 PM
Re: Monthly Familiar Puzzle Competitions
I don't like people editing my posts this isn't parley. And the way I view it they came out with another pointless release before fixing this bug therefore revealing their priorities. Three Rings clearly doesnt find this sufficient enough to release ANYTHING on so why should gunners be showing respect? Maybe it's about time players demand changes in the game and end of more revenue source after revenue source?

They corrected it, it was wrong before. You're right though, this isn't parley. Technically speaking, neither your post nor this one belong here.

Clearly they should stop everything they are doing for the benefit (?) of the entire game and focus on a problem that only arises with ONE out of the TWENTY different puzzles to the complete exclusion of everything else? There are lots of things that need to be worked on or improved in the game, and so there are lots of things that the people working on the game are doing at once. Some things take longer than others; look how long it took for some of the carp bugs to vanish. Not because they didn't care or it wasn't a priority, I believe the major issue was that it sometimes takes a while to figure out the best possible way to solve a problem.

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