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Posted by shawn007 at Aug 5, 2009 1:33:26 PM
Re: Monthly Familiar Puzzle Competitions
I would have no issue with no gunning competition if I knew it was being worked on.In the end the fact of the matter As far as we have been told no resources are being focused there instead Dev's are coding artistic releases. So I believe gunners have the right to complain until we get a statement from Three Rings as to why that isn't a major focus.

I very much so agree.

I don't like people editing my posts this isn't parley. And the way I view it they came out with another pointless release before fixing this bug therefore revealing their priorities. Three Rings clearly doesnt find this sufficient enough to release ANYTHING on so why should gunners be showing respect? Maybe it's about time players demand changes in the game and end of more revenue source after revenue source?
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