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Posted by UCSBboy at Aug 5, 2009 10:18:42 AM
Re: Monthly Familiar Puzzle Competitions
I must say, I am very glad to see that for the crafting multi-puzzle competition that tan familiars will be given out for each puzzle's top prize.

I hope they continue with doing this. It isn't just about "balancing out the carousing/piracy fams". That can be done much more easily by making automated tan fam comps (which is something I really want to see them do). To me, it is more about providing people a reason to compete even if they aren't good at one or more of the puzzles in a multi-puzzle. For example in this one, I am terrible at distilling, and so-so at blacksmithing... without prizes for the other puzzles, there would be no reason for me to compete. I've heard the same thing by crewbies that can't carp in multi-puzzles involving carp, etc. Providing tan fams for 1st in individual puzzles means that anyone good at any of the puzzles at least has a reason to participate and get excited about possibly winning something good.
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