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Posted by Hempline at Oct 11, 2004 10:03:53 AM
Horror of Midnight
My friends? a tale I have to tell. I will try to be concise, even though I am truly shaken beyond words? I will start from where I remember, which dates nearly a week ago?

I found myself a shell of what I once was: pale as a sun-bleached bone, clothed in rags, my memory shot, and my writings missing. My recollection, the one attribute I was so proud of, was scattered to the four winds. Snatches of memories, dark and terrible, still echo through my mind. Of what little I have seen in this shattered mind, those images terrify me.

I will speak truthfully? I was ashamed to be seen by my crew and flag mates in this shattered state of mind. I decided to contact a friend that might be able to carry my word to warn the ocean of what I had seen. Tariff, a pirate that had, at one time, belonged to the Nameless Corsairs did indeed send my tale. It can be found here, for those that wish to see it.

However, I couldn?t do much more than that, considering I?ve lost much of my short-term memory. I had created many notes and pictures during my travels, but I had seemed to misplace them in those lost months. My days were filled with listless wandering, haunting the docks of many colonized islands, part of me envying those pirates I saw going about their daily routine. I tried desperately to remember what had happened or where I had left my notes, but all for naught. It is at this point in time that I found myself upon Jorvik?s shores, the isle held lovingly by the Looterati.

Defeated and broken, I depended upon those that stood upon the docks, though it hurt that my flagmates had to see the sorry state I was in. Even through the governor?s grumpy but lighthearted shouts and the massive amount of people that made me very nervous, I managed to gather the attention of a core group of amazing mates before I ran off, hyperventilating from the stress and memories?

These? AMAZING people actually aided me in finding my notes, pictures and books. The History of Midnight was located in the shelf of a clothier upon Jorvik, my lost pictures were misplaced near the fountain in Endurance, and the final loose notes were lying in the dirt between the walls on Turongo. Much hunting and clues were needed to get these items, and I am forever in their debt. My hat is off to you mates, and you know who ye are.

But now, past the tales of courageous and kind pirates, my tale darkens. The true story of my folly is shown in my notes. At first, I did indeed know something seemed -off- at Uxmal Island, though I couldn?t find why at the time. It seemed as though there was a feeling in the soil of a taint, or that of a rotting corpse. I shrugged it off as some wild creature falling into the crevasse on the western shore, and marked Uxmal as a relatively unremarkable isle. It was after traveling the width and breadth of the ocean before something smelled fishy to me.

I started taking samplings of stones throughout the entire ocean, trying to see some tie to all of them. Lo and behold, I started finding connections?

There are only four islands in the entire ocean that have ancient stone ruins outside of the Ruby Archipelago. These being Spring, Turongo, Hephaestus? Forge, and Uxmal. Each have ties to specific isles in the Ruby Arch, and I have quite a tale to tell. First off, the entire race of ancient pirates that lived in the Ruby Arch, who lived there decades before the first Senseless Viking stepped foot upon their shores, were completely wiped out through massive natural disasters, wars, pride and hubris. Each island has a sad history behind them, but that will be saved for later?

As you can see from the stone samples, Hephaestus had ties with Jorvik? Spring had ties with Midsummer as well as Luthien? Turongo?s sole tie is to Midsummer?s pristine white blocks? and several Ruby islands had ties to each other. But the thing that crept upon my mind was the fact that every single isle, save Lynx (another story for another time) had the same rocks upon Uxmal. The Uxmal ruins held stones from every quarry of Ruby. Now what I think this has to do with everything?

I have reason to believe that Spring, Turongo, and Hephaestus? Forge all had great and terrible battles upon their shores. These masterful Rubyites had gathered many enemies, both great and small, thanks to their immense civilization to their north. Each of these islands had an outpost or stronghold to help defend against these enemies, and so the ruins you find. Upon Uxmal, however, I believe they created that structure for a different reason. United against a common enemy, they devised a plan to rid the ocean of their foes and at the same time, gain the power of the Ocean Masters themselves.

What happened there is long lost. Perhaps they unearthed something there they supposed could be used, or perhaps they decided Uxmal to be the perfect isle for experimenting, I know not. I do, however, know the end product. All life upon the Ruby Archipelago was completely extinguished, one way or another. Some of these massive pinnacles of civilization took longer to be ground into the dust, but each did fall.


I?m too shaken up to write any more. I will continue this upon the morrow?
Forever a Nameless Corsair
Island Designer

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