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Posted by PoshJosh at Jul 14, 2009 11:43:48 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
If they took away the doubloon cost from EVERYTHING that you can buy that you don't need to be an officer/manager/owner to deliver, there would be doubloon costs on..... Paint. That's it. Paint doesn't get used enough to justify that..
Don't forget ships, enamel, dyes, cloth, subscriber swords, subscriber clothing, cannonballs... there's a lot on subscriber oceans that's undeliverable unless you have a ship or stall.

Non subscribes on subscriber oceans get a message when ordering something they can't use without a subscription though, it doesn't seem to STOP them from doing it and they end up with stuff they've paid for but can't use.

ok, but paying for stuff and getting it delivered on a sub ocean, at least you HAVE it, and might resell or give it away. I buy male clothes all the time to give as gifts. I pay for it, i pick it up, i give it away.
What's to stop my child from ordering products on a doubloon ocean that may never be delivered and they will end up belonging to... the stall owner because they don't have enough doubloons to pick them up? I know my kids might forget to pick up stuff anyway. I've run stalls, I know things get abandoned. That's a separate issue.
My kids like to shop and they'll buy all kinds of crazy things, but I'd like it to be theirs once they've purchased it.
I just don't like the fact you need doubloons to deliver a product you've paid for in advance with poes you took time to earn.

So maybe the solution is to include the delivery cost of doubloons in the purchase up front, if it's so impossible to remove the cost of doubloons on delivery altogether. I still don't like it, but it would solve the problem I have of buying something and not being able to have it. If I really want it, I better have the doubloons already.
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