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Posted by starrarose at Jul 14, 2009 10:03:27 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
Thanks for the links, Stabatha, and my apologies for the tone of my post, I was venting and already in a bad mood. I'll edit and add to the existing threads.

P.S. You can also buy dubs with poe via the exchange, you don't have to use real money for each transaction. It's easiest to just go to a bank or palace and click on the cash box.

yes, I knew about this as well, but IMO it just adds to the overall price of the product as well as adding more hoops to jump through, and again, there is nothing on sub oceans that I'm aware of that compares to this unique feature on Doubloon Oceans. I thought that the idea behind doubloons was to enable people to pick and choose what features to spend money on that full subscribers paid for to use. Non subscribers on Sub oceans do not need to pay extra to deliver an item they've ordered. The only restriction on some items is that they must be an officer or shop/stall owner/manager to deliver. I don't understand the necessity of doubloons to be able to deliver a product that doesn't require you to be an officer or a manager/owner in order to use.

As a not currently subscribed person on Midnight, I can go in and order and deliver a full outfit that I can't actually wear (Requires being subscribed) Doubloon model doesn't have that. Captain's Hats and Crowns as far as I can remember are the only things with a restriction on wearing.

If they took away the doubloon cost from EVERYTHING that you can buy that you don't need to be an officer/manager/owner to deliver, there would be doubloon costs on..... Paint. That's it. Paint doesn't get used enough to justify that.

Non subscribers on subscriber oceans get a message when ordering something they can't use without a subscription though, it doesn't seem to STOP them from doing it and they end up with stuff they've paid for but can't use.

Considering that I *personally* don't think that the largest part of the target audience for Crimson is going to be playing daily, enough to make a subscription work, I completely understand why it's a doubloon ocean. As a parent I'm more likely to pay for tokens that won't decay so that my child can play when he feels like picking up the game instead of time every month that he's going to use maybe 5 hours of.
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I think the OM's suck and are cheats.

no u


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