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Posted by burnella at Jul 13, 2009 12:54:03 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
I'm wondering if there should be a better way for parents to control/monitor what their child is doing. In an earlier post, I noted that it may be handy if Parents could turn on or off chat for their kid pirates. That ability could require a link of sorts to a parent account. The purpose being to control whether the kids get chat or not and other game features.

In addition to chat, I have pondered how young kids would fare with trading and what sort of danger that feature is on a family ocean. I wouldn't suggest disabling trading, altogether, but maybe it can be disabled or approved trade-by-trade by parents.

Just standing in the inn or at the docks can be a dangerous thing for a kid's money pouch. Other pirates tend to walk up to you and beg or elicit trade requests without any warning. It can also be hard for the kids who have no concept of the value of items in the game to know if they're getting a good deal. DND can help a bit, however could there be one additional step on the Crimson Ocean (if the parent chooses)? Before a 'kid' pirate can trade (or give poez & dubs), items are held in a queue and an approval request is sent to the parent account. The next time the parent logs into one of his account's pirates, he gets a message that there are parental issues to deal with (just like when there are crew or flag issues a pirate needs to read & vote on).

Once again I have discovered this issue while my kids were playing. So far my younger one has given away dubs to a begger and traded away significant poez for an "old" hat he doesn't have rank to wear. This has been a very good learning experience for my little pirates, but I suspect many other parents will encounter these issues. In fact, it seems like OMs could face a support nightmare dealing with irate piratey-parents whose kid has been a victim of scams/beggers/etc.

Hope this helps in some way.

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