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Posted by Patetch at Jul 13, 2009 6:29:08 AM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
I've seen several discussions pop up about alternatives for rum but I rather like not having to figure out how much and what sort to take.


I have been taking my sloop out with a couple swabbies because I thoroughly enjoy solo duty nav, it is quite relaxing to me (except for that jarring discordant sound at the start of a new star meter.)

I've discovered that leaving the ship on pillaging rather than evading works better for me because then I can at least mostly fight barbarians when I get attacked (notice I didn't say IF, I've read all the discussions but that doesn't change the fact that I still can't manage to turn about in time.)

I don't buy any shot because I also cannot gun, especially while trying to nav. Interestingly enough, I actually win quite a few of the melees and have even gotten 2 expeditions.

The thing is, I feel like I am somehow exploiting something when I am making pretty good money without any additional investment beyond the ship, badges, and charts.

I don't really want an alternative to rum (even if rum sickness rumble is quite funny.) I'd rather see more NPPs available (you should be able to fully staff a ship with them if you want, but at the very least they should replace every player that leaves until someone else can be hired on.)

The key of course is that NPPs need to take their fair share of the booty. In fact, give them just a little more than their fair share so that it is more profitable to hire people (pull most of the extra from the restock or deed owner's share so jobbers are not paying for the swabbies.)

I've been asking to have swabbies available on the other oceans for a couple years now, but I honestly feel that it is going to be quite important here with a target audience that is less likely to be ably to commit to an entire pillage or even an entire battle. I am not just referring to kids here - when my nieces need me, I can't always tell them to wait until the battle is over.
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