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Posted by Lady_Aliyah at Jul 11, 2009 1:34:08 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
What I want to know is how exactly do I create a nice new account for my niece to play on, I tried yesterday only to have the "Arr ye are not old enough to play" message.

I was hoping if I put her age under the requirement it would automatically restrict it to Crimson, which I mean seems sensible, if you tell the person they can't play they're most likely just going to make an account with a higher birth date. Instead we get them signed up but limited to Crimson, it might make it a lot easier to keep them regulated to the ocean instead of just avoiding the age limit.

I had that problem too. Try making it fromhere.

Thank you Redjenny. That link was a life saver. I kept running into the same problem. My question now is ... I've gotten them into the game but the parent email would only connect the kids account to my account if I make a new pirate via the link. Am I missing something or can a parent have their pirate first?
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