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Posted by JimTheFly at Jul 7, 2009 3:59:12 PM
Re: Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Well, I'd like to mention that I have Trade Profiteer up and running. It was the font anti-aliasing that was doing it. I gave it a quick run-through of Jade and it works great. I still need to poke around in it a little more to get used to the setup, but some early feedback:

- The Market Bidding tab is wonderful. It figures in the cost and the fee together and outputs locations with favorable sales for those items as well as profit & margin.

- The Rum Comparison tab is a nice little addition. I wouldn't mind there being 3 more columns on it: Swill, Grog, Rum with the prices for each. Then again, I'm a stat junkie.

- Commodity Buyers and Commodity Sellers are okay, although I would personally enjoy being able to sort the list just by overall costs. Having the island listed as the first column would probably enable this. Something such as (using Yarrow as an example)

Lima Island - Hbomb's Apothecary Stall - 4200 - 21
Kirin Island - Fabled Fabrications - 4399 - 9
Dragon's Nest - Musie's Apothecary Stall - 4885 - 22
Terra Island - Terra Yer Clothes Off - 5000 - 3

The space on the right seems like it's wide enough that the screen would fit this information without need for horizontal scrolling.

- I like how the Route Summary links right to the Island to Island tab. Also, I do like how you can select multiple destinations on the I2I tab and you get a combined list of what to purchase and where to sell it.

A couple of suggestions for improvments, however:

- One thing that I must admit I love about PCTB is the customization of their Summary and Route screens to account for mass and volume on various ships with the Trips columns. If you could implement something like this, it would be rather helpful. It's great knowing that I could make 18000 poe on a trip, but when I've just got a sloop and I need to transfer 3 GF's worth of wood to make the 18000, it becomes a slight problem. Possibly a static portion on the bottom of the I2I tab which would be similar to the Selected Trades portion of PCTB's Route screen would work.

- With this would go a request to add/remove various items from a trip listing, which would therefore allow a person to see what effects removing items from a trip would have on space constraints.

- This isn't so much a specific suggestion for you as it is a general "This would be nice in some program" thought: I'd like there to be something that could figure trading possibilities for an entire trip in only one direction. Doing something like DN-Swampfen-Olive-Dendrite-Typhoon-Prolix-Terra-Sakejima (or the reverse) could make a lot of poe possibly. I'd love something in a program that would allow you to pick your itinerary in order and it would compute trading opportunities from each island forward ONLY, replacing purchasing opportunities if one is found later on the trip at a lower price. (Example: Red Paint selling for 264 at Swampfen being replaced by it selling for 245 at Prolix). I know it could be a pain, but it's just something in my head at the moment.

All in all, I definitely like the program. The scanning in of prices is just a touch slower than PCTB, but that's minor. Good work and I look forward to any updates and changes going forward.

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