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Posted by Jolyma at Jul 7, 2009 11:06:20 AM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
I can't see parents playing at the same time if they have to stand over the computer helping with spelling, not easy on a voyage together to be hopping around a room or up and downstairs so they can chat to each other in game, I KNOW !! i did this at the weekend it proved quite a task when 2 children were on the ocean at the same time as me, we decided to shout out to each other between rooms in the end, and i had to stop and type things to others players on their behalf spoiling the game for me i must say, but when crewmates are asking things it made it extremley hard for the disadvantaged child as people thought he was just being rude and not replying.

Can you at three rings consider the children please ? especially younger ones learning to read and write and those with reading and writing problems , you have made chat between crew and friends and family on the crimson ocean very difficult as the filters are set at the moment.

If I may offer a solution to standing over the computer?

My husband and I would play together before my laptop went kablooey. He hates typing, so I set both of us up with a Yahoo messenger account, and we use Yahoo Voice to talk back and forth, rather than shouting through the house. It's simpler than finding a server for one of the other chat programs, and only people you invite can join your chat.

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