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Posted by Patetch at Jul 7, 2009 9:20:53 AM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
Aye a white list is more difficult to work with but quite necessary in this case. I don't believe OOO intent is to require perfect spelling, but it is just a by-product of having a limited list. Some auto-correction could certainly help and there are programs that do so. However, I would suggest that auto-corrected words also be highlighted so that one can check to see if it is the correct word before hitting send. One time I was writing something like, "I try to not..." and missed the 'r' in try and instead said, "I thank ye to not..." and it came out as if I were chastising someone rather than talking about myself.

Again, we are in beta, it will take some time to get the list expanded to something more usable. As I stated before, I am not recommending new or young players to come to Crimson just yet - I don't think it would be the best experience right now but I am hoping it will be by the time we get to public release.

In the meantime, however, I would recommend that you use the chat shortcuts. Program in some basic answers or even something that might say, "Please have patience with me as I try to type out an answer." Then make an index card with all the shortcuts written down and keep it at the computer.*

*It is important to note that chat shortcuts are stored on the computer rather than by account so if you have more than one computer you will have to put them in on each, and if there is more than one account on the computer you will have to share the limited shortcuts, but at least it is a workable suggestion.
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