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Posted by taelac at Jul 7, 2009 8:49:57 AM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
They have considered the children -- that's why the filter is a whitelist, not a blacklist like the one in place on the other oceans.

The reason it is a whitelist is to make it more difficult for predators to get personally identifying information from children. That means countries, states, months of the year, days of the week are all out -- so a child can't tell some unsavory character that they're going to the Denver Zoo on Thursday, or arrange to meet someone they think is another child somewhere only to find out that it's really some creep with malicious intentions.

The fact that only correct spellings are permitted helps reduce the number of ways around that filter, to protect the children, and to remain compliant with COPPA requirements.

Yes, it can make things more difficult for someone learning to spell or working to overcome a learning disability or difference, but that is a far better situation than the small but non-zero risk that a predator would use a more lax filter to groom your child into easy prey.

To keep the ocean safe for children under 13, the filter needs to be a whitelist. They are still adding words to the whitelist, and there is a thread dedicated to that. It is highly unlikely that they will go to the trouble to add misspellings to the whitelist.
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