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Posted by affinity at Jul 7, 2009 8:32:10 AM
Among the millions of complaints regarding the Crimson ocean, there has to be a question of security in regards to the children that will be accessing the game.

The filter, is there so as correct spelling is a requirement to play. However, i very much doubt that any child either has the patience to adjust their spelling upon seeing the red highlighter or the knowledge to make informed changes to their spelling. After all, a 13 year old would only be at a Year 7-8 level. Have you ever seen essays written by kids that age? They are atrocious in their spelling and grammar. This needs to be addressed.

Furthermore, this ocean is more vulnerable to infiltration by molesters and child pervets than any other ocean by the strict observation made by the fact that it is targeted towards children. Thus, either OOO will need to have a several people monitoring ALL chats or some other means in order to protect the innocence of the children. This is quite a major worry for any parent, since they will be recommending this new Crimson ocean for its apparent child related novelty little regarding the security of it. I question OOO in how they intend to deal with this issue, if they intend to deal with it at all.

Another point is the dictionary. Using a computational linguistic managing software would be much easier than the current option used which is a closed input source so it seems thus restricting the dictionary. Therefore, by using computational linguistics it would intergrate the 'correct spelling' that OOO wants promoted on this ocean, but also act as a educational tool which as oppose to discouraging children, would encourage them to play and learn. I would direct your attention to the article Statistical Models For Unsupervised Prepositional Phrase Attatchment by Ratnaparkhi 1998. Granted this is an old article, it still pertains to what is being argued here.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if any of what i said is a double of a previous post by others.
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