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Posted by romeo2232 at Jul 5, 2009 1:16:35 PM
Re: Hrmmm =/ Idk... Atlantis?
dude you lisining to these guys have you got stock you need like 800 rum 1500 cbs minimum that will cost at least 100k (not shure on your prices caus im not from your ocean) and once you do this go on some other smh's ask if you can just sit there and watch them work to see whats done in preparation maby even ask there b naver to help you out as well as maa personally i suggest joining the crew but what ever. and something i do once i get my map is go there in a sloop and scope out the map plan your escape rout ware you will mainly be positioned and what monsters are in there some maps are pure trikes those are the ones you usually see crews rock at and some consist of like 3-4 gorgs just waiting to ram you to death my favorite ones are the ones with the marry-go-round wich i find to be a breeze compare to open watter gorg traps and if your new those are the ones you want to avoid the marry-go-round ones the one with a rock in the middle of this big square and there are currents circling it those mostly consist of trikes and a scatter gorg and a couple arches personally once a gorg comes i head for the edge of the map and make left then right turns or vice versa and shoot then repeat till its dead

p.s if you have sunk 50 times in floats and no good ports i sugest staying away from Atlantis till you have con cured them also the biggest thereat in Atlantis is the lazers don't be scared to plank

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