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Posted by elemein at Jul 5, 2009 6:49:59 AM
Re: Hrmmm =/ Idk... Atlantis?
I guess I am kinda prepared to lose it, as, it jsut sits there chilling it port begging to be thrown at atlantis... ANd I meant, I will not be very happy if I sink, but Im not gonan think Ill sink since WF's are next to invincible.

And Stock lvls plz? =3

And wait..BNAV AND MAA FROM ZE CROWD? I COULD BE GETTING A GREENIE FOR ALL I NEW? I guess Ill jsut eb careful and choose a 1# Bnavver / Ultimate.. But how does oneself judge a good MAA?

Ill be XO? Is it that similar to Flotillas? And jsut the constant "Good Jobs!", "Get your arse on a station!", "WTF U NOOB! GETTA STATION OR ILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!", "DONT TH OR ILL THROW YE TO A TRIKETOS!!" If so =3 I'm your guy

Oh and i jsut asked a Ultimate bnavver if he'd come, he said no they never go well anyway... EXPLAINATION PLZ WHY THEY DONT GO WELL?
Elegeto on Meridian

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