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Posted by Brandishwar at Jul 4, 2009 10:21:09 PM
Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Ahoy, mates. I'd like to take a moment to announce the release of a new commodity trading application similar to the Pirate Commodity Trader...with Bleach! called the Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer. I am the principal developer behind the application, and it is now released into open beta.

I invite anyone who uses PCTB to check out this new application. Unlike previous tools, the Trade Profiteer does not rely on a central server. And when you're scanning in the data, it doesn't hijack your mouse, allowing you to respond to chat channels and the like during a long commodity list (such as Lima on the Viridian Ocean).

It also supports the new Crimson Ocean along with all other English-speaking oceans, though it isn't really much use right now on Crimson. Opal and Jade are currently not supported at this time.

Currently the application is in open beta, and while I have vigorously tested it during the course of its development (including actively using it), I cannot guarantee a bug-free application. If you find anything, post a response to this thread. I'm currently attempting to bring a bug tracker online on my web site as well. I appreciate any feedback you provide.

Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer homepage
My blog - where you can read the announcements that have been made about the project

Fair winds, everyone.
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