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Posted by elemein at Jul 4, 2009 9:41:20 PM
Hrmmm =/ Idk... Atlantis?
I'm now the proud owner of a WF... And it just lies there, everyones like GO TU A SINKIE FLOT NAO PL0X!!@!@$ And I'm like... -thinks- (recalls the last 50 sinks in non-sink flots) NO IM NOT GOING TO A SINK FLOT! Then I Go to atlantis and see WF's just totally r***ing the competition and haulting total sh** loads of treasure and crazy muther*** **** **** *** YA >=D So, I'm like, wow, if I had enuf a few minutes in here, I WOULD TOTALY POWN ARGUS! Then I realized.. I HAS A WF =3 But then again, here's my dilemmas

1. I need a bnavver, respected aint gonna cut it
2. I need an XO, im good, but I ain't atlantis-worthy
3. I need an MMA.. I Can't end of story..
4. If I sink, Ill explode!

Now, I'm not TOO afraid of sinking, as, from what i've seen that wf's are next to invincible except against gorgs, but, the stock, and if i DO sink, and of course, the dang map....

I wanna reallly run one of theese since Ill be basicly rich once i finish it, even after i split the booty, I need a kinda "guide on how to prep YOUR ship for death pownage in atlantis" Err.. I wont be XO, or MMA, or Bnav.. SO if I could find anyone on here willing to do those for me, be greatly appreciated..

But I wanan know all about dem "chests" and what happens if too many goons get onboard ship,c'mon mates ffed me some knowledge.. =3

DOnt gimme the yppedia page to atlantis, already seen it.

Edit: Feed me some good citadel info too, not just : Dew It GuD ChEsTs DeArE

Edit Numbor 2= Stock lvls 2 plz

Edit 3 =3 = Also can someone give me a comparison of monsters to ships? I mean or lvls of shot power/ ram power/ life?
Elegeto on Meridian

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