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Posted by Timwiles at Jun 26, 2009 8:58:43 AM
Re: A Very Puzzled Pirate
Alright so after much thinking, I have decided to out the second part of the event in favor of an expanded third part. The reason being that we have a remarkably good Wiki to show new officers how to run pillages. However, some of the information in the Wiki can be tough to wade through and a little intimidating for a newer player. I value hands on learning and training, so for that reason, I am expanding the last category (the mini-pillage) to encompass a little of what i wanted to do in the second category.

here goes :)

The second category is based on your ability to translate your advice from the battle navigation contest into reality on a mini-pillage. For this last category, pirates will be asked to make an alt on Malachite since that is where I play (or use your real pirate if your home is Mala). The purpose for this is two fold: I have people willing to pillage with me there who can provide consistent puzzling scores for each mini-pillage, and I will be able to guarantee ships and charts there to sail on. Also by doing this we can be assured that the same rout is charted for each mini-pillage. This will make also help make sure that roughly the same spawns come for each pirate who wishes to enter this category. This portion of the event will take place after all entries for the battle navigation guide have been read (although not necessarily given a score) by the judges so we can be familiar with your theory on Bnav. Primarily though, this part of the event will give you the opportunity to showcase your real time teaching skills, your knowledge of leading pillages, and your communication skills.

A special crew will be made for the sole purpose of this event. When you log on, you will be made an officer, and all of the other pirates helping to puzzle in the event will be jobbed into the crew.

You go aboard a ship that has been provided for the event. Once on the ship, we will go on a three battle mini-pilage (all participants in the event will be provided with elite puzzlers in order to assure fairness and equal opportunities for moves and damage control during sea battle). However, before that happens, you will have fifteen minutes to give a brief officer training to a "greener" officer. You can talk about whatever you want during that fifteen minute period, but make sure to use your time wisely. You will be giving a full tutorial in how to chart, stock, divide booty; anything that goes into running a pillage. Everything that happens on the pillage will have a direct correlation to what you suggest. If you suggest we sail with 1 small cannonball and no rum, that is what will happen. The same rout (TBD) will be set for each contestant after charting is explained for consistency with brigands and time. If you forget to let us know about anything during your officer training and we left port without something important, than ye bootched and the judges will take that into consideration!
Feel free to send links to the Wiki, or copy and paste text that is available to the YPP community, or have prewritten training text already written. Whatever you do is up to you. Just make sure you do your best to train an officer who does not know anything about ships.

After the training is complete, we will set sail and battle three brigands. You will take the helm, and lead us on the pillage. Throughout the pillage, you will explain what you are doing and why; if you turn about, please expain. Ect. Ect. You will also be leading the bnav for the three battles. We will have read your guide, but now we get to see you perform under pressure. Please explain briefly your thinking while placing moves, LSMing, ect. We want to know why you are moving where you move and what you think the AI is going to do. Of course, you will keep all booty won during the battles, and will not be responsible for restocking. However, if it is obvious that you are intentionally using up stock or leading the ship to its death, you will be expelled from the crew and disqualified from this portion of the contest.
Please do NOT PVP intentionally during the course of the mini pillage, and doing so will result in expulsion from the crew and disqualification. If our ship is PVPd, we will reschedule your pillage to ensure for equal settings for all players.

Judging criterea for this category as follows:
-How clearly does the pirate explain his intentions while leading the pillage?
-Does the pirate give clear, precise, and complete instructions on how to run a successful pillage?
-Was the pirate successful in his battles?

If i can get a little bit more feedback on this part of the event or any problems you for-see, please let me know! I would like to send an email for support as soon as possible so i can get this up and running!
Duende- Malachite, Hunter

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