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Posted by XxKanGalxX at Jun 26, 2009 4:06:41 AM
Bernhard's Avatars - Get One Now
Welcome to Bernhard's Avatar Shop!

Styles [Requierd for Order!]
A [One Pirate] :

B [Two or more Pirates]:

Every Avatar will be Selled for 10 - 20 Dubs on every Dubloon Ocean. If you spend more you will get a Special super duper Avatar. I need 2 or 3 Days to finish one Avatar for you. But i will let you know how much % your Avatar is ready after one day.

If you're interested, please 'reply to post' with the following details:
1. Your Name and Ocean
2. Price you're willing to pay [Between 10 and 20 Dubs]
3. Link to portrait
4. Description of the Background and Item you want on your Avatar
5. Style A or B?

Note: I will not start on your avvie until I have received payment in full. Pay it to Bernhard on Opal.

I would appreciate some feedback on your way out, thank you!

Adrielle | Payed | 100%
Sharuka | Payed | 100%
Fable | Payed | 100%

Kangal of Opal
Olympos of Sage

If you need an Avatar please Klick.
Owner of "The Avatar Community"

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