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Posted by schnivelbiv at Jun 24, 2009 7:11:50 PM
Come work for Schnivelbiv at Radioactive Ale!
Stall/Shoppe Name: Radioactive Ale, Schnivelbiv's distilling stalls, Kanchi's distilling stall

Location: Barbary Island , Everywhere there is a distilling Bazzar, Caravanserai (respectively)

Wages (if applicable): 25/35/60 These are some of the best wages on Sage. With rum prices high, you should share in the profits.

Contact Information: Feel free to send Schnivelbiv a tell

Extra Info: I will always pay you more than your labor badge cost you and you can take three jobs at my stalls to make sure you get the most from these high wages. With these wages I pay over half of all profits to the workers.

Do not let anyone underpay you for your labor as it costs between 15 and 18 poe per hour of labor just to pay for the labor badge.
Blah, blah, distilling, blah, blah.

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