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Posted by Hempline at Oct 4, 2004 2:17:01 AM
Re: The History of Midnight.
Death and destruction has come to our ocean. This be the month that makes the dead arise; terrible things will haen to all. Byrne is already under attack! Skellitons are returning to their old haunts, even though it is in broad sight of the living. Some of the stronger irates in the ocean are feeling this disturbance... even some have had something haen to them. All must brace themselves for the coming force... waves of zombies and skellies will flood the ocean with their evil.

The horrors are coming! Beware the evil enchantments they lace uon you!

My books are still unfound, though I search deserately for them, and so my notes stay beyond my reach. I must continue searching! lease, search for me on the islands and I shall tell you more...
Forever a Nameless Corsair
Island Designer

omg welcum bak hmeplien we mist u


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