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Posted by GreenTail at Jun 10, 2009 9:49:41 AM
Re: A Very Puzzled Pirate

The main goal of this event is to distribute an easy to read and easy to follow guide of excellent battle navigation and pillaging tips to the global ypp community.

I really feel we already have this in the sloop pillaging guide. It really details almost everything, including links to the whirlpool guide and collision mechanics. It has been me flag's policy for years to send mates who are near promotion to the Sloop Pillaging Guide to read it before their training. Then at training, we can clarify points that were confusing, give a lil pop quiz to make sure they got the main points, and expand upon it. It is too much information to just throw at someone on the fly, generally.

The main things the guide lacks are a few new features (like configuring voyage), how much rum and shot ye need, and practical tips on bnav. How to make the pillage "go" is well-covered, however. Perhaps it would save time/effort and allow for better entries if pirates could build on the sloop pillaging guide. So the first part of yer event would be slightly modified and the second part would be much shortened. If we get to assume the trainee has had time to read the guide(s) resulting from parts 1 and 2, then part 3 (the mini-pillage) can be much more focused on practical application and less on typing.

I guess me main difficulty is yer disallowing reference to guides we already have. The yppedia is a rich source of information, I link to pages in it during me training to get me mates used to referencing it. The ships page, for example, with the damage listings, is something I was told to have open every time I made a pillage. And, well, the cap'n and senior officers are not always online when a "greenie" officer is, so knowing where to look when ye can't ask someone is a very important skill.

Ok, there's me feedback, took me a day or two to mull it over, heh. I do like the idea of an event to challenge mates to train and be trained, and do it better. It did get me thinking about how I train and how I could improve it, so thanke for that :)
Guppygurl, Cobalt Ocean.

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